Sophie Germanier

rowm nr. one

The performance rowm nr. one takes the audience outside to the backstage-parking-lot-area of Dampfzentrale, Bern. The first part consists of a reading of a few short texts from the artist`s notebook. The dance in the second part of the performance deals with the body as a site-specific medium focusing on its potential to listen to its surroundings. It poses the question of how the act of listening might enable the body to perform different relationships to the things around it, which at the same time changes the persective on the body itself as well. In other words: The dance is actually a song singing to things that are here and to things that are not.

Costume by Dustin Kenel
Event hosted and curated by the crttr collective
Photos by Tobias Lanz
Video Documentation by Till Kadler

trailer on vimeo

18 min.